Generate a Track

Imagine the following: you arrive in a city for the first time. You leave the station and you want to go to your hotel.

That evening you will have a nice dinner. Afterwards you want to go to your hotel.

You walk through the historic center. Afterwards you want to go to your hotel

In other words: after each activity in that new city you want to return to your hotel. The starting point of the walk differs, but the goal is always the same: your hotel. To help you with this, TrackGuide offers the function ‘Plot Route To Destination’. How it works?

  • Tap the plus sign at the top right and choose ‘Plot route to destination’.
  • Type your destination in the search field.
  • Tap the desired destination in the list of places that satisfy your request
  • And a walk to your destination is added to the list.

Movie! We are at the Botanical Garden of Brussels and want to go to the Radisson Blu hotel:

As you can see in the video, turn-by-turn instructions are generated at each turn. They will pop up as soon as you reach the point they are associated with.

Next time you want to go to that same destination, drag the walk to the left, click on the refresh button and bingo: the generated route is replaced by one that starts at your current position.

So again a video! Now we are at the Kunstberg in Brussels, and we want to go to our hotel – still the Radisson Blu (no connections by the way).