TrackGuide – Getting Started

(Nederlandstalige inleiding hier)

If you just need a track to test TrackGuide, tap here for a short walk in Cupertino  or here for a long walk through Rome, and choose to open the file in TrackGuide. Although you must go to Cupertino or Rome  to actually walk these walks, it will give you a good idea on how you get walks on your phone and on your watch. If you are looking at this page from a computer, just move the downloaded files to your iCloud drive and open them from within TrackGuide by tapping the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner. You can als create a walk from scratch in your neighbourhood via that ‘+’ button.


This site introduces TrackGuide, an Apple Watch app to guide you hands-free on your GPS walking tracks. Some posts on this site contain pure background or advanced info : just read them if you already know how to use the app. Other posts contain must-read info to get you started with TrackGuide. If you only read one page, that page should be

Once you have your walks on your watch, the app is quite intuitive. If you want some more background info, you can read

Maybe some more to come in the future. Enjoy your walks!


Header image, watch screenshot and iPhone screenshot all taken at the same place.