Walking with the Phone app


As the tracks on your phone are sorted “closest starting point first”, the walk you want is probably on top of the list. Just tap it to go the the walk screen.


This screen shows two maps : the upper map will guide you (it will be called ‘navigation map’ in the rest of this post) , the lower one (called ‘overview map’) gives an overview of the complete walk. Both maps show your current position – the upper map always, the lower map only if you are close enough. The overview map cannot be zoomed, panned or rotated, the upper map only if you did not start the walk. If you do not want the lower map, push the arrow below it and it will disappear.

The screen in its initial state might be enough to guide you. However, you can automate this guidance a bit by pressing ‘Start’. If you start a walk, TrackGuide will

  • Manage zooming, panning and rotation of the navigation map for you. It will keep
    • the navigation map centered on your current position.
    • rotate the map so it is alligned with your heading.  If you hold the phone flat in front of you, the road you are walking on will be alligned with that road as it is displayed on the map
    • Automatically zoom in or out so your postion and 4 trackpoints (previous, next and 2 points thereafter – the same points as shown by the watch app) fit in the smallest side of the map view.
  • Track your position on the walk, just as the Wath app does (as described in Watch App Guide 2 : Walking , so with green, red and purple dots).
  • The slider between the two maps will slide up when you reach the next point. The lower value gives the distance walked, the upper value the total distance of the walk.
  • Tell you how far it is to the next point, plus some information on that point (45 m. to 45 aStreetName) if available.
  • Continously send your position to your watch.

If you leave the map page and go to the list of walks, the navigation will be stopped.

When you press ‘start’, TrackGuide will guide you to the closest point on the first half of the track. If you want to start from another point, just slide the slider until the point your want to start from is green. Most of the time, that will be the starting point of the walk, so just slide the slider completely to the left. Tapping the number left and right of the slider will move the green dot one point up or down. These changes will be propagated to the Watch app!

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