Manage your walks on your phone

The first time you start TrackGuide on your phone, it shows an empty table. No walks and no way to create walks yourself (yet).


Your library, closest first (we are in Brussels here)

You must get your walks from the internet. (Just Google “GPX Walk  thePlaceWhereYouAreGoingTo” and you’ll find excellent GPS tracks. Most of the tracks on the screenshot above were downloaded from here. Another source of GPX files is mapmywalk) . If you have a direct link to a track (a gpx of tcx file, not a zip or a klm file), tap on it in your phone’s webbrowser and choose to open it with TrackGuide. If the link points to a zipped file, then download it on a computer, unzip it and put the gpx file on your iCloud drive. Tapping the cloud button on top of the walk-table will open your iCloud drive where you can select the GPX (or TCX) file. Alternatively, you can eMail the track to yourself an tap the attachement in Mail on your phone. You’ll be offered to open the file with TrackGuide (plus maybe some other apps).

The track table is automatically sorted closest startpoint first. Freshly downoaded tracks are immediately sent to your watch if it is in the neighbourhood of your phone and TrackGuide is running. If not, your can always synchronize your phone and your watch later on : start the app on both machines, drag down the track table on your phone and let it bounce back up. This forces a sync between the two.

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