Using iCloud


From version 5.5 on, a copy of a walk can be stored in iCloud or imported from iCloud. Although this is a manual process, TrackGuide keeps track of which walk has a copy on iCloud, and which version (the local or the cloud one) is the most recent.

Walks you copy to iCloud are stored in your own private iCloud space. They are as secure as anything you store in iCloud. We cannot view them, Apple cannot view them – only you can. Walks saved in the cloud do eat some bytes from your iCloud storage space : from less than 20KB for walks without any pictures up to several megabytes for walks with lots of pictures.

Walk synchronization is a manual process : you decide which walks to copy to iCloud and which walks not, and which walks to keep on which  device. Removing walks from the device will not remove them from the cloud, walks removed from the cloud will not be removed from the device. TrackGuide does show, however, which walk is stored on in the cloud and wich version (local or cloud) is newer.

In order to walk a walk  that walk must exist on your device. Cloud alone will not work.

To start iCloud synchronsation, you must

  • Be logged in into your iCloud account (option available in the settings app of your phone).
  • Be a TrackGuidePRO user (in App upgrade – our only in App upgrade – at less then $2).
  • Turn the “iCloud” setting “On” in the settingswindow of TrackGuide (tap the cog in het upper left corner of the main window to open the settings).

From then on, every walk wil show its cloud status in its lower right corner. Just tap this status to synchronize your local version with the iCloud version. Just an overview to clarify :

iCloud status unknown

If the iCloud setting is turned on, TrackGuide will get a list of all walks from iCloud whenever it starts up. It will then compare the version of every walk in your library with the copy – if any –  from iCloud. While this process is ongoing, every walk will show a cloud-with-a-questionmark symbol.

icloud unknown

Walk does only exist on the device

The “Upload to iCloud” symbol is shown. Tap it to start the upload process.

02-02 notinicloud

Upload to iCloud busy

While the upload is busy, you’ll see an hourglass in the little cloud – and you get some feedback on what is going on (screenshot comes from the Dutch version).

02-03 icloud busy

Uploaded to iCloud.

The local and the iCloud version of the walk do match. The cloud symbol is greyed-out as synchronizing does not make sense now.

02-04 icloud synched

Uploaded to iCloud – version on the phone is more recent

If you modify an uploaded walk on your phone, you’ll get this symbol .

iCloud - local is newer

Tap it to replace the older cloud version with the newer local version.

Uploaded to iCloud –  cloudversion is the most recent one.

If you uploaded a new version to iCloud, all your other devices logged into the same iCloud account will show a ‘download modified version from the cloud’ button.

icloud - cloud version is newer

Tap it to make a backup of your local walk and replace it with the updated version from iCloud. Once done, you can safely delete the backup from your phone or iPad. (This screenshot is taken from the iPad version).

To remove a walk from iCloud

A bit confusing, but you have to tap the +” button in the upper right hand corner of the main window and choose ‘Import From iCloud’ from the menu.

02-07 simulator screen shot - iphone xs max - 2019-01-03 at 19.50.52 copy

Then select the ‘My iCloud’ page and drag the walk you want to remove to the right. (You cannot remove walks from the Demo tab – that is our territory)

02-08 simulator screen shot - iphone xs max - 2019-01-03 at 19.55.21