Tap a new walk

As always when you want to add a walk, you start by clicking the plus button at the top right. If you want to create a walk by tapping its points on a map, you choose ‘Create one by hand’ from the menu. And then you start tapping…

This screen has two modes

Editing Mod

Use editing mode to add, remove or movepoints to a track. You can add or mofify  POIs (POI = Point Of Interest or Interesting Point) in this mode as well : just force-tap (3d touch) the trackpoint  onto which you want to link a POI. On phones without 3d touch, a long press will do the trick. In Editing mode, POI’s are always displayed as flags on the map so you can precisely drag them into place.

What tapping on the map does, depends on wheter you are creating a new walk or modifying an existing one :

  • If you are creating a new walk, each tap on the screen will be added at the end of the walk
  • If you adapt an existing walk, and you tap between two points, a new point between those points is added.

Here is a screenshot of the editing window in editing mode. While the selected trackpoint has a POI with photo – see the thumbnail in the table – the map shows just the green circle in flag (green because selected) :

editing mode

POI Mode

Use POI mode to add, remove or edit POIs or routing instructions. If you select a point in the table with an attached POI that has a picture, a thumbnail of that picture is shown on the map – not the green flag. Likewise, if the point has routing instructions attached, the corresponding routing symbol will be shown on the map. Tapping on the screen will just select points in the table – no points will be added.

poi mode

A page dedicated on creating routing instructions is available here, and another one on editing POI’s can be found here.

A little movie to clarify :