Tap a new walk

As always when you want to add a walk, you start by clicking the plus button at the top right. If you want to create a walk by tapping its points on a map, you choose ‘Create one by hand’ from the menu. And then you start tapping…

This screen has two modes :

  • Editing mode: in this mode you can add, delete or rearrange points. If you want to add POIs (POI = Point Of Interest or Interesting Point), force-tap the trackpoint  to which you want to link that POI (or long-tap on a phone that does not support 3D touch). In Editing mode, POI’s are always displayed as flags on the map  so you can precisely drag them into place.
    • If you create a new walk, each tap on the screen will be added at the end of the walk
    • If you adapt an existing walk, and you tap between two points, a new point between those points is added
  • In POI mode, thumbnails of photos attached to POI’s are shown instead of the little flagged-circle symbol that is shown in Editing Mode. Tapping on the screen will just select points in the table – no points will be added. Sliding trackpoints to the left in the tableview will allow you to add, edit or delete the POI’s linked to that point. You can find a page dedicated on editing POI’s here.

A little movie to clarify :