Instructions are a visual guidance attached to a point on a walk. In cities, the map and the green/red/purple dots offer enough guidance for you not to get lost. But in forests, where the map can be just a big green surface without any paths, some more help might be needed in order not to get lost. Especially when a path forks into 2 almost parallel paths – one up and one down – making a bad choice can be frustrating. This is where you should attach instructions to your track.

Instructions can be added from several places in TrackGuide

  • When editing a track : put yourself in POI mode, slide a trackpoint to the left, and tap the “Add Instructions” button. (right button on the image below)
    buttons 1
  • When registering a walk. Tap the Instructions button at the bottom of the window to add instructions.
    add instructions while recording
  • When walking, you find an “Add Instructions” button next to the camera button :
    instructions while walking

These buttons will open the instructions editor, where you can

  • Enter textual instructions, like (on the screenshot below) “Take the second left”
  • Tap the globe in order to enter instructions in multiple languages
  • Slide the “Nr. Of Roads” slider left or right to increase or decrease the number of choices.
  • Drag the green and white “roads” so they reflect the lay-out of the crossing.
  • Tap “Keep” to save the instructions.

The green path from the bottom to the middle of the circle cannot be dragged : that your current path.

The green path with the arrow is the road you must take.

instructions editor

You have 5 choices. The green arrow is the one to take.

Whenever you arrive at a point that has instructions attached to it, the instructions will pop-up on your watch and/or on your phone :

simulator screen shot - apple watch series 4 - 44mm - 2018-11-18 at 12.38.47

Instructions on the Watch