Importing walks from iCloud

From version 5.0 onwards, TrackGuide is linked to a database in the cloud. To 2 databases in fact :

  • Your own iCloud database. Use it to create back-ups of your walks in the cloud, or to keep walks synchronized amongst multiple iDevices. Its usage is described on this page.
  • A public database we use to publish some demo-walks. Everyone can read from it, but only we are allowed to store walks on it. You do not need to be connected to iCloud to access it.

To get walks from these databases, tap the “+” in the upper right hand corner of the main window, and select “Import from iCloud databases”.

menu selectie 'importeer van icloud'

Import from iCloud

This will open the window below :


De publieke databank

“Demo” is the public database, “My iCloud” your own, private database. (shared will you in the final version). If for some reason, TrackGuide cannot access iCloud (no internet connection? Not connected to iCloud while trying to fetch your own private walks?), you get an error. The message below is what you get when you try to fetch your own walks without being connected to iCloud :

cloudimport error

To import walks, just tap them. If the tapped walk already exists in your library, an ugly red cross is shown. (We would fire our designer, if only we had one). Otherwise, you get a blue checkmark to indicate the walk is marked for import.

cloudimport selected

Next, tap “Import 2” (or 3 or 4 or 1 or…) and wait. Walks containing lots of pictures can take some time to import, especially on older devices. “Crystal Ship Oostende” took over a minute on an iPhone 5 when we tried it out..

And finally : you can remove walks from your own private iCloud database if you want to. Slide them to the left, and choose “delete”.


Screenshot from the Dutch version