Share iOS Purchases

Some new features of TrackGuide GPX editor for macOS are only available to users who bought the TrackGuide Pro in-app purchase for TrackGuide iOS. This info is normally automatically shared between iOS and macOS. If, however, your Mac keeps asking you to buy the iOS extension you already bought, here is what to do :

  • The iOS version saves purchase info in your own private iCloud space. So make sure your iOS device is connected to iCloud
  • Your Mac should be connected to the same iCloud account as your iOS device.
  • Next, start TrackGuide for iOS while being connected to to iCloud. This exports your registration to iCloud. (you might have to restart your iOS version, as the purchase info is shared on startup of the application – we’ll fix this soon)
  • Then, start TrackGuide GPX editor for macOS while being connected to iCloud. Now, your registration info should be imported in your Mac.

Future version of TrackGuide GPX editor for macOS might include an option to buy the in-app purchase directly from your Mac.