Sharing Walks Over The Air

From version 4.0 on, TrackGuide supports the iPad. iPads do not synchronize with the Apple Watch, but for the rest the iPad version does everything the phone version does. Creating walks by tapping points on a map is a lot easier on the big iPad screen. But how do you get those walks on the phone? The video below shows how (although from phone to iPad, but the opposite way works the same way).

  1. On the device that shares its walks : click on the gear icon (top left) and enable the “Share“ option.
  2. From here,  the movie picks up (sharing was already on the phone). Turn on hd while looking, otherwise everything is unreadable vague.
  3. On the device that wants to import walks : Tap “+” at the top left and choose “Receive walk from nearby devices”.
  4. You get a list of all iOS devices in your neighborhood that have ‘Sharing’ enabled. Choose the device that contains the walk you want to receive. (The device is close to you, so you can ask its ower).
  5. On the device that shares its walks : you will be asked to accept a connection with the requesting device. Click on “Accept”.
  6. On the device that wants to import walks : You can now see how the connection is established. If the label next to the chosen device says “Connected”, you can close the devicelist.
  7. On the device that shares its walks : slide the walk you want to send to the left and open the item menu (the three dots). Here you choose “Send walk to nearby devices”.
  8. On the device that wants to import walks : After some time (and some progress indicators), you will be asked if you want to add walk named X from device named Y to your library. Tap ‘Yes’ (or “No” if you changed your mind) and the walk will pop up in your list.

Walks containing lots of photos might take some time to arrive. A video for clarification: :


Quite some steps, but we wanted to avoid people sneeking through your library, or people sending you walks you do not want.