Does your phone needs GPS always on?

Depends on your watch having a build-in GPS or not :

  • If your watch does not have GPS, you must allow your phone to track your position,  even when the app is not in use (which means “when you use another app or when your phone is turned off”). Note that cityGuide will only track your position when you push the start button, and stop tracking as soon as you press stop.
  • If your watch does have GPS, you have 3 options
    • Give the iPhone app no access to your location at all. In this case, the list of walks will not be sorted  “closest first”, and you will not be able to use your phone to guide you, but the watch app will function.
    • Give the iPhone app access to your location “Only when in Use”. Your list of walks wil now be sorted “closest walks first”, and when you open a walk, you’ll see where you are on the map. However, the app might not know if you passed every trackpoint and might be guiding you to the start of the walk. Pressing the stopping  and restarting will put the app back on track. The watch app will function on its own. So when you raise your wrist, it might take some seconds before it has powered up its GPS and located itself. This is the setting I use. When walking in Rome, I had still 60% of battery live left on my watch at the end of the day. I did use the iPhone app only occasionaly to check for shortcuts when we were tired at the end of the day.
    • Give the iPhone  app “always” access to your location. Now, your list of walks will be reordered “closest walk first” while you are moving. And even when your phone is in your pocked, it will keep sending its position to your watch. Which gives that your watch will know where it is as soon as you raise your wrist. But this convenience comes at the cost of some serious iPhone battery drain. Do not expect it to last a full day.

So what to use?

Owners of the original watch : turn on – always.

Owners of Apple Watch 2 (the one with GPS) : Only when in use

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