Does your phone needs GPS always on?

Short : yes!

If you are using a series 1 watch – impossible to use the watch app if your phone is not streaming your position continuously.

If you are using a watch with build-in GPS, you have 2 choices

  • Only when in use : if you use this setting, your watch will have search for a GPS fix every time you raise your wrist to look at your position. This can take an uncomfortably long time (your watch might be back asleep before it gets the fix). Only use this setting if you are extremely short of battery power.
  • Always : Drains your battery faster (I have 30% power left after a 6 hour walk using a series 2 watch). But this is really the only comfortable way to use application.

The third option – never allow access to your location – will make TrackGuide dysfunctional. if you are concerned about privacy : no location data (no data at all in fact) is shared with anyone – we do not even have a server here to store such data. If you do want to share the walks you create, export them as GPX files and share them yourself on your own server or cloud.


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